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Kanut Previewed For Bushido

The Tengu Descension faction for Bushido has more than just tengu in it. The bird-creatures work very closely with several hill tribes of humans. Kanut is the leader of those hill tribes. As great a leader as he is a warrior, you really don't want to be on the wrong end of that axe of his.

As we can see, Kanut knows how to use that axe in combat in the game. 4 dice in melee and +2 to his damage rolls means your opponents are gonna be very careful about going toe-to-toe with him. And with Armor 1 and Toughness 1 (with the ability to increase that), he can certainly take a few punches, too, before going down.

Along with the model preview, GCT has also posted a link to a fan-created scenario generator. It's not "officially sanctioned," but it could still provide you a way to switch up your games a little.