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Kalidasia Fleet Commander up on Kickstarter

Kalidasia Fleet Commander, the new board game in the Kalidasia universe, is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Take command of your own fleet of starships, transports, and other craft and declare your dominance over star systems.
The campaign is looking for a rather modest $1,000 and has 28 days left on the clock.


From the campaign:

This above image should give you a good idea of the game contents. Please note that in the image, the rulebook is not complete and the planet reference sheets are prototypes. The final version of the reference sheets will look just like the prototypes, but will have a print quality similar to the orbital board and cards.

-The orbital board
-A full color rulebook
-77 tokens representing Warships, Transports, Decoys, and a few other game tokens.
-70 Tokens for damage tracking, planetary resource tokens, time tokens, and retreat markers.
-29 command cards and three planet cards
-Three planet reference cards for Cadre Four, Albion Eight, and Kaylynn Six. Each of the planet reference cards has a quick reference sheet on the back.
-Several six sided dice.