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Kalidasa Expansion for Firefly Now Available

Gale Force 9 now has their Kalidasa expansion available in general release for the Firefly board game. Some of you at Gen Con picked up an advance copy, but the rest of the populace now is able to get it. This expansion finishes out the map of the 'Verse by adding a new section to the game board (though it's certainly not the end of expansion packs planned for the game).


The expansion brings two new Contacts (Fanty & Mingo and Magistrate Higgins) and a new planet (Beaumonde). There's also new cards for the Rim Space Deck, Alliance Space Deck, and Border Space Deck. Beware of the Operative's Corvette, an Alliance Agent that will track you down no matter where you end up.

Expect a new map later this year that combines all the various board maps together into a single, 50"x20" vinyl map.