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Kaiju Kaos: Clash of the Colossals PDF supplement released

Clash of the ColossalsBailey Records have released the Clash of the Colossals supplement for their Kaiju Kaos rules. From their announcement:
Bailey Records today announces the release of our first rules supplement and new scenario for Kaiju Kaos – Clash of the Colossals. “I’m excited to announce our first supplement to Kaiju Kaos called Clash of the Colossals,” said Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records’ owner. “Last week we finally released our first Colossal-sized monster model called the Kaos Monster. As a follow-up, we’re now releasing Clash of the Colossals as an inexpensive PDF supplement to the basic rules we released in May 2011. In this supplement, players can finally play our versions of classic kaiju eiga (Japanese monster movie) archetypes such as Atomic Lizard Monster and Bionic Lizard Monster plus several others. The PDF also includes a few new special attacks such as throwing another model and ramming enemies and includes rules, stats, and ideas for playable terrain in your game.” Clash of the Colossals has become a popular Kaiju Kaos event at conventions since late 2010. Written by Bryan K Borgman, this exclusive PDF is a must for Kaiju Kaos fans. The PDF includes: 2 new pages of the Timeline to the Future, 3 pages of new weapons, 15 new character stat sheets, 2 pages of stats for Playable Terrain plus a description of how to use it, new special abilities, Random Environmental Conditions to spice up any game, and the scenario complete with Suggested Army Lists for nearly every faction.