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Kaigaku Samurai RPG Up On Kickstarter

Kaigaku is a far-East-inspired RPG (makes me want to watch the original Nosferatu and eat a burrito). If you're a fan of ancient and medieval Japan, China, and Korea, you'll want to check it out. The bare-bones version of the rules is available as a free download. The Kickstarter campaign looks to fund an expanded and art-filled version.

The game uses it's own blend of OSR-themed rules. The setting follows much this same principle. It's a mixing together of pieces from various real-world histories of Asian countries, as well as their folklore. The deluxe version will add in lots of new content that's not part of the original download (more than 3x as much), including NPC generators, rules for participating in massive battles, as well as using your character's honor as a weapon against others.

The Kickstarter campaign is 3/4 to funding with still 27 days left on the clock.