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Kabuki Models posts Tiberius Praetorians preview

Kabuki Models is showing off a preview of the pieces for a new Tiberius Praetorian model they're working on.


From the preview:

ok....months ago we promised 2 new range this was the 1/6 Busts and the other is.... ARMY
no more a single model but a full modular army!!!
take a look at the teaser... who they are? What they do? Let's say there were created more in an ancient time by the will of the Emperor Tiberius and that their symbol is the Scorpion, they're the inner guard of the Emperor himself! The most powerful man in the Roman Empire need the most powerful guards... what? They look as sci-fi models? Well...who told you that the Roman Empire is dead?

We are still working on them, it's about the last finishing and fixing, hopefully in the next 10 days you will see the definitive model.
they are 100% modular, so you can literally go mad with poses and convertions...

we aren't yet sure if cast them in White metal or resin...

size is 38mm at the eyes