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Kabuki Models "end of the world" mega deal

Kabuki Models realizes it's the end of the world as we know it and they feel fine and are running a sale, in fact.

From the Mayan tablet... I mean sales sheet:

the end is near so we don't want to die with our stock full of miniatures! ;)

buy 50,00euro and we will refund you "international priority" shipping costs.
buy 100,00euro and we will refund you "signed and insured airmail" shipping costs.
buy 150,00euro and we will refund you "DHL express courier" shipping costs.

Knights Of Legend boxes are almost finished so we want to offer the very last of them at 299,9euro!!!!!!!!!!! so 100,00euro if discount!!!!!!!

in addiction we will add a very special present to all the orders (from 50euro) the LUCCA GAMES GOBLIN!!! as seen on the show in Lucca.
The offer will last until December 21th