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Just Desserts, a new card game from Looney Labs

Looney Labs has released Just Desserts, their new card game of yummy cakes, cookies, ice cream, and pie (and other good-to-eat things as well). Players play as waiters in a restaurant and are trying to serve the customers inside. Every customer has certain things they like, and other things they refuse to eat. You have to match the desserts in your hand with the right customer in order to move them into your scoring pile. Be the first player to get 3 of a kind, or one of each type of customer and you win!
Man... this reminds me that I want to make cookies this weekend.
You can pick up Just Desserts at your game shop now.

From the announcement:

Just Desserts, the card game of serving sweets, is now available at your friendly local game store! We couldn't be more excited about this release, which was 10 years in the making! It's all about serving some very picky guests. No soup, no salad, no entree... it's just desserts! Compete with your fellow waiters to serve guests their favorite goodies before someone else gets to them first. With a kitchen full of mouth-watering offerings and the cafe filling up with customers, you'll have your hands full making sure everyone gets their just desserts!