Just 10 days to go till UK Games Expo 2010

UK Games Expo 2010 starts on June 4th.

From their announcement:

This is the final UK Games Expo newsletter and it takes the form of a walk through of Expo 2010. The guide is split zone by zone so you can see what is in each area of the convention at both the Clarendon and the Strathallan. In this guide exhibitors mainly selling Miniatures are marked (M), those selling Board Games (B), Card Games (C), Roleplaying Games (R) and general retailers (G) which may include dice, clothing, printed materials and accessories.

Demo games in bold are those nominated for our awards. You will also find some suggestions of activities for children here. There are details on the awards here and of all the new games here.

Maps are available here:
Ground Floor (PDF link)
First Floor (PDF link)

Our booking system goes offline at Midnight Friday 28th May so if you have not yet booked you have just 3 days now. (We had planned to do this on Sunday but pre-bookings are high so we need longer to process them all. )