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JUNK under new ownership

Grindhouse Games are selling their JUNK miniature range to a third party. From their website:
JUNK was the bridge too far. I've realized I cannot simultaneously support Incursion much less SoTR while developing a whole new world and game system while ALSO being a full time architect, father, and husband :-). I am in the process of finalizing an acquisition by another game company who will take it from here. A company with significantly greater resources than Grindhouse. It would be inappropriate for me to say who, when, or how at this point. That entity will do so in its own good time, I'm sure. Let me reassure you that it is in good hands. The fledgeling web page and store site has been taken down. I will leave these forums up until such time as the new owners instruct me to do otherwise. That's all I can say at the moment. Back to working on the Incursion expansion. Can't wait to show you guys some stuff. It's all pretty neat...