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June Releases for Darklands Posted by Mierce Miniatures

The June releases are now posted for Darklands from Mierce Miniatures. These figures span the range of Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II (yeah, it's a thing. Just go with it). This make eight sets of releases and second set of releases for those two systems, respectively. You can check them out after the cut.

For this release, there's some new figures riding horses ("Oooh! A Scotsman on a horse!"), there's a new multi-headed-snake-man figure (as you do), a new werewolf mini, a new aberrant hound, and an Oghur unit. I'm not entirely sure what an Oghur is, but that's pretty common for Mierce Miniatures stuff. I sometimes lament at not realizing how to pronounce some names that come across my desk, but the Mierce stuff, I almost never know what any of those words are supposed to sound like.

Anyway, you can go pick up these figures now.