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June Releases Available for Dark Age

The Earth Caste are the new kids on the block, even though they're part of one of the oldest factions for Dark Age. They're making their presence known in the battles on the planet's surface, as well as on tabletops, as they've got a new box set available. Not to be outdone, the Forsaken are also getting in on the action with a new battle suit. Plus, the new, snazzy packaging makes its way to the Fire Caste.

From the announcement:

The earth’s shakin’, the Saints are walking among us, and it’s really starting to heat up in here with the latest set of releases, available now at your gaming store. The Dragyri Earth Caste has a new box set, the Forsaken have an alternate version of Saint Isaac, and the Fire Caste has some new packaging for many of their favorite units. Let’s take a look.