June 2010 Anima Tactics releases

Fantasy Flight Games have released details of the June 2010 Anima Tactics miniature releases.

Neutral Faction CS3030 Raziel Archetypum $29.99
The ultimate necromatic weapons, Raziel are terrifying undead knights created by combining Black sun’s scientific
research with the power of the Book of the Dead. Each a masterpiece of death and destruction, just one can lay waste to
whole armies with its fell blades.

Dark Faction CS2031 Arkham $10.99
Arkham is an ex Order of the Magus member who became unhealthily fascinated with immortality and undeath. He is
now one of the main field researchers participating in Black Sun’s necromantic weapons testing. Surrounded by a legion
of spectral ravens, utilizing traditional black magic, and commanding many undead minions this dark wizard will stop at
nothing to achieve his goal of becoming the ultimate form of undead.

Dark Faction CS2032 Al D’jinn $12.99
Al’Djinn are ancestral spirits whom dared to defy the gods, they have been imprisoned and isolated as punishment
for their foolishness. The Condemned, The Manipulators of Fate … many are the names of the Al’Djinn. The greatest
summoners can still call them to Gaia. While they are constrained by the many rules imposed by their imprisonment, they
can still use their demigod like powers to alter the destiny of the world in many ways.