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Jumperound Launches World of Mythology Card Game Kickstarter

Have you ever wanted the power of a god? Well, in World of Mythology from Jumperound, you can not only have the power of one god, but of a whole pantheon of deities as you look to defeat other gods in card combat. The four mythologies in the starting set are: Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Slavic. Each deity has a points value, armor value, and a special ability, as befits their godly nature.

The game is sort of like War, where higher-armor gods defeat lower-armor gods (though the love goddess trumps all male gods, regardless of their armor). But it's more than just "flip and compare" as some gods can bring in special cards such as fortune, secrets, and war. You must be careful which card you decide to play, as your opponents will attempt to outsmart you at every turn.

The campaign is a little over half-funded with still 29 days left on the clock.