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July releases posted by Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice has a lot of new stuff to offer this month over in their webshop. Check it out.

From the release:

Lots of new rules and lead from Crooked Dice this month.

July sees a raft of Federated Security Reinforcements available in Store: The Commander (£4 including balaclava and helmet head), two female Mutaints (£3.25 each or £6 for both) and the Security Robot (£6). Get them ALL in a great Deal for only £15.

The Commander is back again in July’s Deal of the Month leading 9 Federated Security Troopers (3 each of 3) for only £22 – that’s saving £7.50!

And lastly, you can get a sprue of 3 Federated Security Carbines for £1.60. These are also available as part of our 5 for £7 Deal.

This 44 page PDF details everything you need to know about Ulysses Argo and his mechanical creations. Fuelled by a deep hatred of humanity, Argo uses his robotic minions to wage war against mankind. The rules, background, behind the scenes info and stats are all here so you can get them into 7TV without having to know all that annoying machine code.