July releases from Xyston Miniatures released

Xyston Miniatures has their latest releases now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

In last newsletter I wrote that there will be another two packs for Antignonids range, but when I saw ANC20298 – Mounted Carthaginian Generals/Officers I knew that they would be next. In this pack you will find a mix of 4 Riders and 4 mounts from 4 different designs, the pack also includes shields. Now let’s get back to the Antignonids: ANC20299 – Antignonids Peltastai- This new pack contains a random mix of 8 models from 6 different designs.

What’s next?

Next month we will have another two packs. We are also preparing something special for you all…. a LOTTERY, so, stay tuned, more details soon. We’re pretty sure You will enjoy this surprise, ’cause we are very excited.