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July Releases Available for Dark Age

The next set of releases is available for Dark Age from CMON. This month, we have the new Haniel Triad Unit Box, as well as the continued repackaging of unit boxes for the Fire Caste, with boxes for the Cinder Slaves, Brimstones, Volcanic Helots, Volcanic Phalanx, and Infernos. Along with all that, there's been some updates to various rules documents on the site.

From the release:

It’s hot outside. And it’s hot over on the gaming tables, too. The latest Dark Age releases are now available over in the CMON webshop as well as at your LGS. This month we have the new Forsaken Haniel Triad Unit Box, as well as continuing the repackaging of the Dragyri Fire Caste. In addition to all that, we’ve also updated some of the web documents that you should all check out.

As for the web updates, the following files have been updated: March to Immortality, Followers of Saint Isaac, Holy Prevailer Council, Unaligned Forsaken, and Dragyri Shadow Caste. Be sure you’re using the most up-to-date rules for your games.