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July offers at Wargames Emporium

Wargames Emporium have posted details on some special offers for July 2011. From their announcement:
Hello to everyone. We have some offers starting now until the end of July which we think might be of interest. First the ever popular Flames of War, with any purchase of a Flames of War product we will put your name in a hat. At the end of July the first name pulled out of the hat will win a choice from the following: the new BBX23 Churchill box(contains 3 Churchill tanks) the 15mm German Panzer IV box from Plastic Solider Company, the 15mm T34 box from Plastic Solider Company, or even the new the 15mm Sherman box from Plastic Solider Company( which should be out).
We will have 2 hats one for the UK and one for the rest of Europe. Next GHQ, we are offering the following GHQ rulebooks at half-price.
  • WWII Micro the game
  • Modern Micro the game
  • WWII Micronaughts
all £9.75 instead of £19.50. Or we are giving away a free copy of the rules when you buy 6 packs of GHQ figures. A Combat Command will count as 4 packs. The 6 packs have to be relevant to the free rules, so WWII figures will get the WWII Micro rulebook etc. To get all 3 rulebooks you would have to order 6 WWII packs, 6 modern packs and 6 Naval packs. The free rulebooks are limited to 1 of each type per customer and will be added in all qualifying orders unless stated otherwise. Finally we will be offering 15% off all Perrys plastic boxes during the month of July. Also of interest we are now on Twitter!/WargameEmporium you will also find the link at the bottom left of our web page. We will keep this updated with what new releases we have in and also when items such as GHQ have been restocked. Thanks and look out for more special offers in the future. John Wargames Emporium