July Infinity releases

Corvus Belli have posted details of their July 2010 releases for Infinity

Ariadna Moblots (Rifle, Panzerfaust) €7.75
Moblots (Rifle, Panzerfaust). The fast and versatile Merovingian Heavy Infantry is back! Now in a female version armed with the powerful Panzerfaust to provide heavy support to Ariadnan forces. This figure is the perfect match for those players who want to create a Moblots Infinity Fireteam. The Moblot girl is a sure choice for any Ariadnan player!

Nomads Sin-Eater Observants (Sniper) €7.75
Sin-Eater Observants (Sniper) New release! The military tasks of the male counterparts of the Reverend Moiras are to cover the advance of Observance troops by providing support fire and to protect Nomad settlements. The Sin-Eaters will stand out during your enemy’s active turn, when you can take advantage of their Neurocinetics Special Skill, allowing them to shoot the complete Burst of their weapons. A single Sin-Eater Observant can become the key element of any Nomad defensive tactics!

Haqqislam Djanbazan (Rifle+Light Shotgun) €7.75
Djanbazans. (Rifle+Light Shotgun). Taken from the old Haqqislam Starter Pack, now discontinued, the basic Djanbazan is released separately for all those new Haqqislamite players, and also any veterans who want to build up a Djanbazan Infinity Fireteam, taking advantage of the Link Troops rule. The Djanbazans are a special operations unit, experts in Search and Destroy actions, using their Multispectral Visors to find hidden enemies.

ALEPH Garuda Tactbots (HMG) €8.75
Garudas. (HMG) (ALEPH) (Blister containing 1 figure). Death from above! The Garudas are the airborne troops of the Special Situations Sections. There is no more fearsome enemy than this combat robot which can land behind your lines armed with its rapid-fire heavy machine gun. Raining death from the clouds means ALEPH has come to the battlefield!

PanOceania Armbots: Peacemaker and Auxbot €24,00
Peacemaker Armbots. (PanOceania) New release! The PanOceanian assault Remotes have been created to engage an enemy swiftly, damaging it in the first stage of the battle. Thanks to their advanced deployment capability, the Peacemaker Armbots are the most suitable choice to do so. These assault Remotes will coordinate attacks with their Auxbots, laying down an unceasing barrage to totally obliterate any hostile force.