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July 2011 Heavy Gear releases

Dream Pod 9 have posted details of their July 2011 releases for Heavy Gear Blitz!. From their website:
Dream Pod 9 has 2 new Heavy Gear Arena miniature blisters ready to ship this week. The first is the Bricklayer Two Pack (DP9-9231, 2 minis, extra weapons, and 2 hex bases, $20.00) from the Northern faction which includes a running leg pose and a standard leg pose. The second is the Stone Mason Two Pack (DP9-9232, 2 minis, extra weapons and 2 hex bases, $20.00) from the Southern faction which includes a standard leg pose and a running leg pose (shown to the left). All Heavy Gear Arena Miniature Blisters are the same scale and are fully compatible with Heavy Gear Blitz and include the standard Heavy Gear Blitz weapons load out as well as the Arena weapons shown on the miniatures pictured on the blister sheets. The Bricklayer and Stone Mason along with the Engineering Grizzly and Cobra, released earlier this year, will have some new Heavy Gear Blitz combat options in an upcoming Engineering Gears Article in Gear Up Issue 4. We have also just update the contents and blister packaging for the Naga Custom Strider (DP9-9140, $39.00) from Pewter parts to Resin parts now, the price is unchanged. At the same time we updated the box packaging of the HHT-90 Overlord Hovertank (DP9-9211, $125.00), the new purple box color will become the color for the CEF faction. We will we updating all the Heavy Gear Blitz packaging (boxes and blisters) over the next several months to have very visible faction colors with Blue (Northern), Red (Southern), Yellow (P.R.D.F.), Dark Purple (P.A.K.), Purple (C.E.F.), Black (Black Talon), and a few more for the other factions. The Heavy Gear Arena blisters already has HGB faction color scheme built in to the color burst under the logo, so you know which faction the miniatures can also be used for in your Blitz games. We'll get GearUp Issue 4 finished and up live before we head off to Gen Con Indy (August 4th to 7th, 2011) at the new convention center in Indianapolis.