Judgement Wave 2 Up On Kickstarter

Long-time readers will know my love for big models. Sure, those 28-32mm minis are fine, but I really like larger figures. I like big minis and I cannot lie. That’s why a game like Judgement gets my attention. The game uses 54mm minis for its game. The first Kickstarter was a success, but like every success, there’s desire for more. Well, that desire will soon be met, as the 2nd Wave of figures is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Judgement has gone from strength to strength since our successful Kickstarter campaign that launched the game in 2017. We funded 14 heroes and 1 monster, enabling us to produce a fantastic range of miniatures to get the game out there. It also provided us with a platform from which to build incredible communities of Judgement players around the world.

Judgement is already awesome to play, however similar to the MOBAs from which Judgement draws inspiration, more heroes means even more awesomeness! Therefore, almost immediately after shipping our kickstarter, the design team got busy designing the wave 2 heroes that will ensure the game has the depth to reach its potential.

We re-designed a number of heroes that were not unlocked from wave 1 and added a few more, resulting in 12 amazing heroes and 3 monsters, that will well and truly put Judgement on the world stage. The Judgement team have a proven track record of manufacturing high quality models that are a pleasure to paint and game with. Below is a selection of models we have produced to date.

The campaign is well over half-funded with still 24 days left to go.