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Judge Fool, a universe-spanning adventure for Savage Worlds, up on Kickstarter

Judge Fool is an adventure for Savage Worlds where you have to go save the universe from being eaten.
No, it's not the Langoliers.


From the campaign:

The premise looks simple at first—Judge Fool falls through the ceiling, pursued by bad guys, and drags your PCs off on a mind-bending adventure to the far end of time. The Lords of Dust and Silence are eating the future, chunk by bloody chunk. Judge Fool has come from the One-Hundred-and-First Century on a desperate mission, looking for champions who might help him defeat them before they gobble up the universe in a frenzy of cosmic crapulence.

Literally before. The Lords move backward in time, touching our universe every two thousand years, growing more and more powerful each time they bite off another section of reality. Judge Fool failed to stop them in the Eighty-First Century and the champions he found there all died (or worse.) If he can fight them in the Sixty-First they might not be too powerful yet to defeat for once and for all, if he can find the right heroes. The Forty-First Century was no good, so he has come to the Twenty-First, looking for help. Can the PCs help him save tomorrow?