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Judge Dredd rulebook update coming soon

Mongoose Publishing will soon be releasing an updated version of the Judge Dredd miniature rules. From their website:
The update of the rulebook is complete, and is just awaiting final layout (should be a little later this week). You can expect to see;
  • A culling of all errata you chaps have raised on these forums.
  • New forces, including Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Sky Surfers, the Lone Vigilante, and the Angel Gang.
  • A handful of new Mercenaries - including Judge Dredd himself.
  • New weapon options for Street Judges.
  • Riot Judges are now part of the standard Justice Department line up.
  • A general tidying up here and there...
We will have the new Citi-Def and Zombie Mistress (possibly the odd Caligula) in hand very soon, and we'll be revealing the contents (as well as putting them up for pre-order) of the new JD box sets. We will also be showcasing some brand new miniatures, fresh from the hands of Shanbe Hoyle - we are eagerly crouching by the letter box, waiting for them to pop through. Finally, we are looking to arrange a Judge Dredd open day/tournament a little later this year, so keep you diaries open.