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Judge Dredd new releases and previews

Mongoose Publishing have released two new figures for the Judge Dredd miniature game and posted a new preview of a figure for the game. Judge Dredd From their announcement:
Things are just getting better and better for fans of Mega-City One and the Judge Dredd miniatures game. First up, the Holocaust HS/2 suit and Judge Dredd himself are now in stock and on sale! You can find both on our front page and in the Judge Dredd miniatures game section. The Angel Gang will be following very soon, and we know there are many of you waiting for this group - they are in stock, so you can pre-order them now, alongside Dredd and the Holocaust HS/2 suit. We will have lots more previews and other bits and pieces for Dredd a little later this week but, for now, take a trip to Planet Mongoose to have a look at the latest model to leave the desk of the talented Shane Hoyle - no prizes for guessing who it is...