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Judge Dredd Kickstarter Update

Judge Dredd has already made it 10x their funding goal on Kickstarter with still over 20 days to go. As such, they've got a pretty big update about where they see things going with the project.

From the update:

There have been all sorts of things going on at the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter, and it seems a good time to update you all on what has happened.

Thank you!

First of all, two more stretch goals have fallen, and we will now be seeing not only the Sov Invasion force make its way into Mega-City One, but they can now be opposed by some true defenders of the city - Psi-Judge Anderson, Judge DeMarco, Galen DeMarco PI, and the Simian Sam Spade, Travis Perkins! Our grateful thanks to all of you for that, it may have been a long, long time before those four characters came out without your help.

As well as these new forces, we have also been able to add the Citi-Def Squad, Zombie Horde, Dark Judges, Electro-Cordons and the hardback, full colour rulebook!

Pat Wagon
Sandrine, our 3D designer, has been hard at work, and we can now add the Mk III Pat Wagon as a new pledge (you will find it under the $40 Tek-Judge level). If you want to show perps you mean business but consider the Manta to be an overkill (it is possible), then this armoured Pat Wagon, complete with riot foam dispensers and street cannon, is just what you need.

If you have already pledged and are after a Pat Wagon, it is not a problem - simply add $40 to your existing pledge and we will be in contact after the Kickstarter ends to find out exactly what you were after.

We are also adding the Pat Wagon to the Wally Squad, Council of Judges and Chief Judge levels, so if you have pledged at one of these levels, you are getting one anyway!

New Stretch Goal - Demonic Cabal & Exorcist Judge
Next up, new stretch goals - as promised, we are posting two at a time now, so you can see what is coming up. First, is a new force, one I have been waiting for a long time to add to the game.. The Demonic Cabal! Featuring a Grand Warlock, his minions (probably unemployed citizens who just signed up out of boredom), and demons ready to cause mayhem, they will spend their time courting powers man was not meant to know. With a mixture of possession and true summoning, they will be able to bring terror to Mega-City One - if they can control the demons they call upon...

With all these demons and Dark Judges flying about the city, the Justice Department is going to need some psychic reinforcement - so we will also add the Exorcist Judge!

New Stretch Goal - Pat Wagon Variants
If, with your kind help, we pass that stretch goal, we have another treat lined up. The Mk III Pat Wagon is a widely used vehicle and many are specialised for certain roles - we will add three variants, including a Fire Wagon and (very) heavily armoured Riot Wagon (complete with People Plough!). We will also add the Mk IV Pat Wagon, an anti-grav design (you can see it in the Block Mania story).

If you have pledged at Tek-Judge level or any other that receives a Pat Wagon, you will be able to choose the variant you are after (Chief Judge level, of course, gets one of each). If you have several Tek-Judge pledges, you may want to pick them all up anyway!

You can read more about the Pat Wagon and see more pics at Planet Mongoose.

Block War - It Is Here!
We have just posted the first draft of the Block War supplement on our web site, and you can download it from here. It may seem a little short at the moment, but remember we are adding to it all the time, and it will be updated several times during this Kickstarter and beyond. However, we have already managed to pack in the force lists for the Brit-Cit Justice Department, Citi-Def, a preview of the Manta Prowl Tank, and more Mercenaries and weaponry!

Justice Department Set II
We will soon be posting a detailed 'poster' that shows you all the choices you have for box sets at the Rookie, Street and Wally Squad levels. By popular request, we will also be adding a Kickstarter-only Justice Department II set, which will feature all the current judges not in the first set.