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Judge Dredd Kickstarter - Now Live

Mongoose Publishing has kicked off their Kickstarter for the Judge Dredd Minis game and they've already passed their funding goal. Let's see how far into the stretch goals they can get.

From the campaign:

We have just started the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter, and there are lots of exciting projects on display for Dredd fans and gamers alike.

The Judge Dredd miniatures game features a completely free to download rulebook and has been running with the support of its fans for two years now. It is a 28mm skirmish-level science fiction miniatures game based on the iconic 2000AD comic strip where players take a force or faction from Mega-City One and prepare to do battle on the streets! Full campaign rules are integrated into the game, and feature a system whereby weaker forces are never at a disadvantage – even a lowly gang of street punks can take on Judge Dredd and his cohorts if you have enough reinforcements!