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Judge Dredd Kickstarter - Dark Judges Unlocked

Mongoose Publishing made it past another stretch goal and so now more content has been released for their Kickstarter campaign.
I guess that would make it Dredd Unlocks...

From the update:

More news on the Judge Dredd Kickstarter - we passed two more goals, which means we have lots more models in the works and available for you to pledge upon - the Zombie Horde, Citi-Def Squad, Electro-Cordons... and the Dark Judges. Many thanks for your kind support on this project, we are starting to see some really exciting models now!

The Zombie Horde, Citi-Def Squad and Dark Judges will all be box sets that can be selected as one or more of your choices at Rookie, Street Judge and Wally Squad levels, and they will be added, along with the Electro-Cordons, at Council of Judges and Chief Judge levels.

Next up for a stretch goal... a persopnal favourite of mine, the Sov Invasion Force, something we have talked about doing ever since we started the Judge Dredd miniatures game. If we pass $16,000, we will add the Sov Invasion Force, consisting of six Sov Judges and Officers (with a variety of weaponry) and a Sentenoid, a large robot designed to enter an enemy city and create mayhem before the main Sov army arrives. Perfect for tackling the decadent Mega-City One judges!

Later this week, we will be posting the first version of the Block War supplement up for free download, and we will be unveiling the Pat Wagon! We have also started contracting sculptors for these new models and hopefully we will be able to showcase some of their work before the end of the Kickstarter.