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Judge Dredd Kickstarter - Citi-Def Squad Unveiled

Judge Dredd is in their last few days up on Kickstarter. They've blown their basic goal out of the water, but still have higher they'd like to go. In order to help inspire more to help, they're showing off the Citi-Def Squad.

From the update:

We are now in the last few days of the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter - thank you for all your support thus far.

There are a few goodies to be revealed this week, as we have been busy beavering away on the new models this month, and first to be unveiled are the boys from the Citi-Def Squad.

Sculptor Stepehn May (the gentleman behind the recent Brit-Cit Judges) has worked on these eight models, which form a new force in the Judge Dredd miniatures game (you can see them already in the Block War supplement) and a forthcoming box set. Those pledging for this Kickstarter will be the first to get their hands on them (along with a lot of other models!).

The set contains two Citi-Def Soldiers, armed with Spit Guns - these are real Judge-killers, but players will soon find these part-time soldiers do not really know the meaning of 'cease fire!' For that, you will be needing a Citi-Def Officer, to the right of the two soldiers, a citizen of Mega-City One whose tactics revolve primarily around shouting! Next to him, the soldier with the Missile Launcher tends to be a bit more disciplined, but then we move to the bottom row and the complete opposite - the Citi-Def Soldier on the far left has watched way too many action vids, and is blazing away with a Spit Pistol in each hand!

Next to him is the Jaeger Squad Commando, a truly dedicated member of the Citi-Def, who is either incredibly skilled and well-trained, or just plain crazy. It all depends on your point of view.

The Medic is a useful chap, though he does not really appreciate all the heavy weaponry he is surrounded by. This model shows him under fire, wondering just why he signed up for the Citi-Def as an alternative to boredom! Finally, we have the second Heavy Weapons Soldier, armed here with a Laser Cannon but coming with the option of a Heavy Spit Gun.

All are ready to defend Mega-City One (or just their own block) against an attacker, and all are capable of doing far more damage to the city than any invading force...

You can still get involved with the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter before it ends on Saturday!