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JTFM releases 1:56 German Luchs Light Tank

JTFM Enterprises have released a 1:56 scale WWII German Luchs Light Tank. German Luchs Light Tank From their website:
It's been quite some time since our last release, so this year, we'll be trying to amend that with a load of new releases, the re-release of as many as possible of the old Chieftain range, and the re-vamping of some of our existing stuff. To start the year off, we'd like to present the Luchs, mastered by Mike Broadbent. Only 130 or so of these were built, and were designed to take the role of the 8-rads in reconnaissance units. This versatile little tank should prove to be a good alternative to other vehicles in your German recon units. The kit comes with a crew figure and a large assortment of stowage. The retail price is $25.00 CAD, and stock is in the mail and enroute to North Star and Wargames Command Post in the U.K. and North Bay Games and Hobbies in Canada. The model is also available in our webstore. More good stuff to come.