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JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer Releases Tracks & Troops Sets

JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer release new items to already extensive line-up of 1:56 scale WWII vehicles and growing line of 28mm figures:

From their website:

So to augment our already extensive line-up of 1:56 scale WWII vehicles and our growing line of 28mm figures...

We are proud to present Tracks and Troops. There are currently five sets available - four German and one American.

The number of sets will be greatly expanded on after Christmas, as I have made arrangements to make this new foray very appealing and quite interesting for fans of high quality 1:56 scale WWII vehicles and 28mm figures!

All these sets are very reasonably priced: $30.00 CAD to $35.00 CAD.

Larger sets will be brought online in the New Year, along with a vast array of new vehicles! All will be very reasonably priced.

I've also lowered the prices on a few existing crew figure sets, for those of you looking to dress up some of your existing vehicles.

So stay tuned, as 2012 is going to be a very exiting year for JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer fans and WWII gamers and collectors in general!