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JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer Releases 28mm, 1:56 Scale Stowage Sets

JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer announce just in time for Christmas, a few small offerings! Stowage sets are now available:

From their website:

Currently, a German and an Allied set are available in our webstore. These sets include vehicle specific track sections, stowage chests, crates, ammo cases, jerry cans, tarps, packs, helmets, pails, sandbags, fuel drums, and many types of other gear to dress up your vehicles.

In excess of 75 pieces per pack, all for the price of $7.50 CAD.

These sets should come in handy for those of you who have vehicles, besides ours, that don't come with any accessories. A separate Russian-specific set is on the way, as soon as I have a few oddball pieces (specific to them) cast up.

I'm not done for the season yet, more Christmas goodness is on the way. Keep tuned in!