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JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer Announce New 1:56 Scale Releases

JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer Announce New Releases:

From their announcement:

Hi folks,

Things have been quite hectic in the JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer casting cave over the last month, but between casting, running the general operations of the business, and trying to keep up with the website requirements I've finally finished setting up the "Platoon Sets" webstore page.

Virtually every vehicle in the JTFM Enterprises/Die Waffenkammer catalog is now available as a Platoon Set. I've done the best I can with pricing, quite good actually I think. The lower Canadian Dollar also adds a bit more of a bang to your hard earned cash !

Unfortunately Canada Post is still a real killer for Canadian manufacturers, but to allievate some of that pain I'll be making all of our Platoon Sets available to all of our stockists. So if you want to purchase these sets from any of these fine stockists so you can save on shipping, let them know so they can let us know and we'll get on it.

Be sure to check out our latest releases from October. The Comet A-34, Cromwell Mk.IV, Centaur Mk.IV, Valentine Mk.II's and III's along with their close support versions, and our Universal Carrier MK.I, as all of these are available as Platoon Sets.

Cheers !