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Josef Bugman Available to Pre-Order For Blood Bowl

The world of Blood Bowl has many legendary players. But few are as legendary as Josef Bugman. Player, coach, master brewer, he does it all. And Forge World is taking orders for two new figures for him over on their website. Get yours now before the season begins.

From the post:

The name Josef Bugman is as synonymous with Blood Bowl as Goblins are with being cheating gits. Pitches bear the Bugman’s B, while the bearded face of the master brewer grins down on players from massive billboards. When Bugman turns up at a match in person it is a spectacle to behold.

Bugman is no mere spectator, however, as the stout brewer owns numerous teams, and coaches them from his private dugout as he knocks back beer after beer. For all his bluster, and the vast quantities of XXXXXX he consumes, Bugman is actually a fair coach, having a good eye for the ebb and flow of the game – the problem arises when things don’t go his team’s way, or he gets excessively drunk, or some combination of the two, and he staggers out onto the field to take matters into his own hands…

This resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 models – both of which depict the iconic, stout figure of Josef Bugman. The first is Josef as coach, pipe and rulebook in hand, watching over his team with a stern, furrowed look and one foot resting on a beer barrel – the second depicts Bugman in a rather less disciplined state (probably something to do with the beer barrel mentioned earlier…) – this is Josef Bugman, Star Player, holding a ball aloft in his left hand and a foaming stein of XXXXXX in the other.

This kit is supplied as 9 components, and includes 2 32mm round Blood Bowl bases. Rules are included for fielding Josef Bugman as a part of Dwarf, Halfling, Norse, Human, Amazon and Ogre Blood Bowl teams.