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JohnnyBorg Castings running Salvage Crew Kickstarter

JohnnyBorg Castings, formerly of MegaMinis, is running a Kickstarter to bring back their 28mm Salvage Crew minis and game.

Salvage Crew


From the campaign:

$30 buys you 20 sci-fi miniatures, 28mm scale cast in white metal, from Johnny Lauck (15 years mold making and casting experience)

As a semi-retired mold maker and caster, I do not have a lot of funds to create new projects. However, I would like to revive the Salvage Crew figures range and eventually the game, focusing primarily on humans, cyber miners, and robots. Help me finance the last costs involved in the making of new molds and metal ingots so that this range of figures can be available again on a regular basis.