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John Kovalic's Charity Bike Ride Fundraiser Going On Now

Every year, John Kovalic, artist extraordinaire who has done work for projects like Cash 'n' Guns, Munchkin, and his Dork Tower series of comics (along with many, many, many others) does a charity bikeride event. The event raises money to bring healthy food to underprivileged people around Kovalic's hometown. It's a good cause, you can get some cool Munchkin swag, and you get a world-famous artist tooling around on a bike with a duck on his head. It's a win for everyone.

From the announcement:

Over the next two months, you'll see me posting about Insane Charity Bike Ride 2018 - a long ride that I do with a duck on my head (don't ask), to raise money for a great local charity.

Over the last five years, people the world over have contributed more than $65,000 to see me wear that damn duck I mean "help a great local charity that really needs the money."

This year, I'm crushed with work, and getting the word out may be a bit harder than normal. I'll also be running the Tao of Igor Kickstarter in August, which I greatly fear could impact the Charity Bike Ride fundraising. The timing couldn't be helped. Still...gaaaaah!

Every now and then, I'd be DEEPLY grateful if you guys would help spread the word.

Maybe not tonight, and maybe not even this week, but some time, from time to time, over the next couple of months, I could use the help.

The FairShare CSA Coalition is a terrific charity that helps low-income families get good farm-fresh veggies. It also helps the farmers. What could be better than that, eh?

Anyway, any and all help in spreading the word is appreciated!