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John Kovalic Updates Charity Ride Swag and Adds Stretch Goals

John Kovalic, comic and game artist (of such games like Munchkin, Apples to Apples, Cash 'n' Guns, and many, many, many more) does regular bike rides for charity. He has another one coming up soon and is reaching out to the gaming community to help raise some funds. But more than just putting your money towards a worthy cause, it's also a great way to get some swag. His current list has grown a bit since the initial announcement.

Trooper ale

The $20 pledge is the one where you get some pretty awesome things. What sort of things? Well how about:

1) A physical copy of the Neil Gaiman "Tour De Duck" limerick that Kovalic illustrated
2) The brand-new Munchkin Charity Post Card, signed by Kovalic (I was specially-created for this particular event and lets you begin a game of Munchkin at Level 3)
3) The “Galactic Brewing” mini-print, signed by both Scott Johnson, and John Kovalic.
4) A Munchkin bookmark, signed by both Steve Jackson himself and John Kovalic.

You can check out the other goals over on his blog.
They're 94% of the way to having Mr. Kovalic once more ride with a Duck of Doom on his helmet.