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John Kovalic Biking For Charity Event Happening Now

Most of you know John Kovalic as the fantastic artist behind things like Dork Tower, Apples to Apples, quite a few Munchkin sets, and many, many, many other projects. But he also likes to go out and raise money for charity while bicycling with a duck attached to his helmet (because he's cool like that). He's once more raising money for charity, and if you chip in, you can end up with some awesome stuff.

From the website:

Here we go again!

With your help and generosity, over the last four years, we've raised close to $50,000, helping local families get healthy food direct from the local farmers!

This year my personal goal is to raise $12,500, to celebrate five years of the craziness, and 20 years of DORK TOWER! So, if you help with the fun/great cause, you can also get swag. SWAG!