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JoeK minis previews Mr Good Axe and Mr Bad Axe

JoeK Minis has two new models they've previewed up on their website. They're the dynamic duo of Mr. Bad Axe and Mr. Good Axe.

From the website:

As promised, please give a hand for the two latest JoeK Minis! First off we have Mr Bad Axe. We then have his...erm...partner in crime, who I've originally entitled Mr Good Axe. Both figures have been sculpted by the talented Matt Gubser, and I think will be an absolute blast to paint up! They both stand the usual sort of height for my figs, so you're looking at the 32mm mark, but as you can see they're chunky guys! First batch of stock will be on the store at around 7pm tonight, but in really quite small numbers, so if you like the look of 'em, buy them quick!