JoeK Minis opens for business

ELproduction1.jpgNew miniature manufacturer JoeK Minis is now open for business.

From their announcement:
Hi folks. I’m very happy to announce that JoeK Minis has finally had the button pressed and can invite folk to have a look, and buy the first figure for hopefully will be the start of a range a unique one-off figures sculpted by some of the best in the business.

The first figure to buy is the Elf Lord, wonderfully sculpted by Kul Asyrk, hand-cast in high quality resin, and limited to 300. Check out the website for more info, and a sneak peak at the next figure in the range.

Huge thanks go to all the lovely folk from various places on the web who’ve given me enormous support for this rather unusual (well, to me at least) venture, and just hope I can get enough dosh to get the next one out.