JoeK Minis launches Paul Bonner’s Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter

JoeK Minis has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Paul Bonner’s Trolls of Trudvang. They’re already over their goal (seems to be a thing lately) and so they’re looking to unlock as many stretch goals as possible over the next 22 days.

JoeK Minis


From the campaign:

The funds raised throughout this campaign will allow me to produce this fantastic sculpt by Roberto Chaudon. The set is based on Fantasy artist Paul Bonner’s original artwork commissioned by Swedish games maker RIOTMINDS. Paul’s artwork has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and it’s a great honour to have his blessing. Together with Riotminds, I’m proud to be able to be in a position to launch this Kickstarter.