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Jazz up your RP sessions with Golden Goblin Press

Golden Goblin Press is running a Kickstarter campaign for Tales of the Crescent City, their RP game set in Jazz-age New Orleans.


From the campaign:

Along the banks of a crescent bend in the lower Mississippi River lies a city like no other. It is an old city with a colorful, often tragic history, a place where different races, cultures, and religions meet, sometimes blending and other times clashing. It’s a city rich in the arts, where music and food are celebrations of life. Yet beneath it all, there is another city, a haunted place where mysterious cults worship in the surrounding swamps, sagging plantations hide terrifying secrets, and the sins of the past do not stay silent or unanswered. The dark and dangerous powers of the mythos are woven thickly into the tapestry of the Crescent City; they have always been and always will be.

Golden Goblin Press is proud to present Tales of the Crescent City—Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans.