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Jason Monkman Launches Abyss Miniatures Line

Abyss is a new line of miniatures and busts by Jason Monkman. They have plans on making all sorts of miniatures and other such products in all sorts of scales. Basically, if they think it's cool, they're going to make it. They've posted up some previews of various busts and a 54mm model they're working on. Go check 'em out.


From them to you:

Hello everyone,

Abyss is a new venture showcasing the work of the very talented Jason Monkman. We will be releasing all sorts of miniatures in several different scales. Also, busts, plaques, objects and all sorts of kits. Basically if we think it's cool and fun to make, we'll do it! These will be all be cast in high quality resin.

I would like to invite you to take a look at our new Facebook page;

Or, if you don’t have Facebook, at our blog.

Here are some work in progress pictures (more on our blog and FB page!), hope you like what you see and please support us by sharing the word!