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Jasco Games Opens Jasco North

It gets hot in Las Vegas. Like, really hot. Nobody really wants to be there in August. It's much nicer up in Canada. And while that's not the actual reason that Jasco Games is opening up Jasco North, I'd like to think that it had something to do with it.

From the announcement:

Jasco Games is proud to announce its newest division in tabletop game publishing, “Jasco North”. Jasco
Games, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada will be extending its wings internationally to Canada. As part of
its launch, Jasco North will be partnering with one of Canada’s leading game design houses, Lynnvander
Studios Inc.. Jasco North will be releasing brand new board game content starting as soon as Q4 of 2018.
They will be looking to extend the reach of the Jasco Games catalog and include several new games and
titles that are thematically fitting for their new territory.

“We’ve been working steadily on expanding our catalogue far beyond our flagship CCG, the Universal
Fighting System and all of its Intellectual Properties. Together with Lynnvander Studios and our other
partners, we look forward to bringing several exciting products to the tabletop.” – Said Jason Hawronsky,
CEO of Jasco Games.

“It makes sense that Jasco North’s first games should have a real string of Canada in them.” – Said
Lynnvander’s producer and C.E.O. Thomas Gofton. “Jasco North plans to announce its first releases in
the following weeks.