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Jasco Games Launches Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America on Kickstarter

Jasco Games has their next game project up on Kickstarter. This time it's Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America.


From the campaign:

Jasco Games is proud to present their newest project; Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America™. Dead Meat is a 28mm, tabletop skirmish game set 4 years after a massive pandemic has toppled society and set man against man. While zombies are an ever-present threat, other groups of survivors pose a much greater danger – you’ll soon learn that the dead are the least of your problems.

This focus on battles between groups of survivors is one of the things that sets Dead Meat apart from many of the current offerings in the zombie game genre. While zombie-bashing is a lot of fun, the real horror of the genre comes from the lengths people are willing to go to in order to survive. Dead Meat brings this terrifying struggle to the tabletop.

The theme of personal horror goes beyond the game’s look and feel. The rules set has been crafted as a zombie survival game from the ground up, ensuring that each game has elements of drama, tension, and action that you have come to expect from the zombie genre. Check out the game summary below for more details!

Great game play and a strong backstory are all good, but we realize that high-quality, amazing looking miniatures is by far the most important factor in a miniatures game. We’re working hard with a cadre of talented sculptors to produce some outstanding miniatures that bring this twisted world to life.