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Japanime Games taking orders for Krosmaster Junior

Japanime Games taking orders for Krosmaster Junior

Japanime Games wants to get everyone in the family involved in Krosmaster. To help out, they’re coming out with Krosmaster Junior. This, simplified, version of the game is great for bringing younger gamers into the mix. All of the characters in this form have the same abilities, and the first several scenarios teach you the basics of the game while playing.

But even if you’re a Grand Zen Master of Krosmaster, you still get new maps and characters if you choose to pick up the set. So there’s something for everyone.


From them to you:

As Krosmaster Arena spreads to new parts of the world, its followers continue to grow as teenagers and adults take pleasure in all the fun this game has to offer. One of the biggest draws to Krosmaster is its adorable high quality painted figures that battle their way across the board. I, myself couldn’t pass up the game when I first discovered it on Kickstarter back in 2013, and since then, I have personally watched the Krosmaster universe grow tremendously as Ankama and Japanime Games keep dishing out more to thrill their fan base.

The newest addition to the Krosmaster family introduces “Junior” a simplified version that takes youngsters (ages 7+) on different adventures. Honestly, a child of 5 would even enjoy this game. Junior is a 2 to 4 player game that introduces 4 new characters that will make every Krosmaster fanatic hungry to add them to their collection. The Japanime artwork, cute figures and the 3D board all pop! Producing another “got to have it!” on any kid’s Christmas list.

How it works is simple: first, you choose one of the figures, (don’t worry, in this game their stats are all the same, NO level 6 characters here) then you choose how many adventures you want to play out of the 7 possible adventures. Each adventure teaches you how to move, pick up coins, punch, buy pets, cast spells to KO and plus much more. The first few quests are going to start out very simply, but by the time you reach adventures 5, 6, and 7, they become more challenging. Once you’ve completed your task, you achieve those famous Gallons of Glory or what we call GG in the Krosmos. Thus, the first player to finish the quest will receive 3 GG, the second runner up will receive 2, and each of the others will gain 1. So, by the time you’ve finished all the adventures, the player with the most GG wins the game!

Each adventure takes about 5 to 10 minutes and teaches a new mechanic on how the Krosmasters figures operate on each quest. All these adventures build up the stats for the figures and by the time they finish all 7 adventures, players graduate to Krosmaster stardom and gain the standard status card found in the Arena game instead of the booklet used in the beginning. Therefore, once they finish the complete game, a player will understand the majority of Krosmaster Arenas rules.

Now don’t get to thinkin’ only those with kids should buy this game! DON’T forget those kids at heart begging to get out! Wouldn’t they love to meet these new characters and go on some new adventures? Junior is for the whole family! As simple as it is, it’s fun for adults too. By having Junior in your Krosmaster collection, you gain 4 new figures, new terrain added to your base game and 4 new play matts that you can use for more challenging battles for your other amazing figures.

Overall, Junior is a fantastic family game. One thing I find true about kids of all ages is they can’t resist having a good head bumping battle with amazing characters, whether its on the game board or just on the table itself.