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Japanime Games Running Love Formula Card Game Kickstarter

Love is a many-splendored thing. At least, so I'm told. *is a grump and single, but waddyagonnado?* Couple get together, go on dates, fall in love. All that mushy stuff. But love is also fickle and a battlefield. Dates can and will go wrong. Will the happy couple remain one at the end? That's what you'll be trying to find out in Love Formula, a new card drafting game from Japanime Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Love Formula is a card drafting game for 2 to 4 players in which you attempt to create the perfect date for your favorite couples, while sabotaging the efforts of your opponents to do the same! Players earn victory points by preparing a uniquely suited date for their couple, but they can lose points when catastrophe strikes! The player with the most victory points wins!

Japanime Games is working with Gwin Games to create amazing products and rewards for our incredible backers. There are a few important reason we need your help in funding Love Formula:

- New mechanics and playable promos in several stretch goals! We want to give you MORE than what was available in the print and play version of Love Formula. Creator Dylan Gwin has been working hard on designing new mechanics for Love Formula and we need your help to fund the art!

- 60+ pieces of spectacular art! You'll notice in our How to Play Video and the print and play that most cards are missing art! We need your help in order to fund over sixty pieces of new art to complete and publish Love Formula!

- Because we are creating so many new and amazing art peices, backers also have the opportunity to create unique cards based on their own romantic experiences by backing one of the top tier Pledge Levels! Their personalized cards can either become part of the game or special one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their customized Love Formula collection!

Experiencing some DeJaVu? Love Formula has been on Kickstarter before, and we truly believe that this game has amazing potential! Japanime Games and Gwin Games have worked very hard to make Love Formula even better for this campaign and we feel confident that our fans will fall in love with its fun mechanics, relatable obstacles, and adorable art!

The campaign is up and over their funding goal, working their way through stretch goals. They've still got 21 days left before this date comes to an end.