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January Releases for Eden Now Available

The first month of the year is a bit more than half over, seems like a good time to get out your first releases of 2017. That's what Happy Games Factory has done. They've got new Eden releases available now over in their webshop.

From the release:

The January news releases are here!!! This month three awesome miniatures now complete our range!

A fearsome Giant join the Askaris mutants : the Masakh! This impressive miniature will be a real threat for your opponents. Badass, deadly, brutal.

Do not expect any delicacy from Katalina! Her huge hammer gives her the “Shock” special ability, and… nothing more. But, what a delight for all the Joker players!

The young Hans is a new Guardian for the Convoy. This brave youngblood will be as useful as a leader as a defensive support. Have we told you that he can drop traps on the field EACH round!