January Infinity releases previews

By tgn_admin
In Infinity
Jan 21st, 2011

Corvus Belli has posted photos of their first 2011 releases for Infinity. Prices and more details will be released soon.

  • Aleph Sophotects- “Does this coat make my butt look big?”
    Me, staring at Combi Rifle- “No. Definitely not.”

  • grimbergen

    Does the Sophotects come with the basing piece? If so, it’s cool enough for me to get multiples just to get that for use on other minis.

    • Psychotic Storm

      So far all the terrain of this type have been included with the miniature, so its quite safe to assume this one will too.

    • cybogoblin

      It would be kewl it was actually a piece of terrain from Micro Art’s new range, but it’s a long shot.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    I believe it does; it seems to represent the Mother-Forge, an important piece of equipment that lets them program nanotech.

  • Psychotic Storm

    As always great releases, the Sophotect and the Prowler are my favourite of this release.

  • GS_topcow

    I’m actually a little turned off by the Sohpotech and the Teutonic Knight. not that they aren’t cool ore well scuplted, but they remind me of existing poses and sculpts from the same range and faction (the T. Knight is too much of a reminder from the other sculpt..).

    Love the monkey sniper, but i’m partial to the space monkeys, the Muyibs and Prowler get top marks this time, beautiful additions to any SCi-Fi table…

  • Nightbee

    Love the Prowler and Muyibs. Best releases of the last few months for me.

  • AoM

    Muyibs are amazing. The Rifle/LGL sculpt is one of my favorite Haqq sculpts now. It looks like I’ll have to end up with at least 4 Muyibs in my collection since I’ll be adding this blister into my Haqq army to keep the first blister’s Muyibs company.

    Yaogat sniper is sweet, too. The Morat Sectorial army just keeps looking sexier.