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Jake Thornton previews Wildcard for DreadBall

DreadBall is making its way to your doorstep as I type this. Jake Thornton posted up a sneak peek of the rules for the MVP Wildcard.

From the preview:

Wildcard is one of the Season 2 MVPs, and as such shouldn’t really be out and about for months yet. However, KickStarts being the odd things they are, and Ronnie having trouble keeping shiny toys to himself, more than a few of you are going to have a model for this young lass before Santa comes down the chimney :)

Because new models are always more fun when you can play with them, I’ve got a sneak peek of her rules from an early draft of Season 2. These still have more playtesting to survive through, though I think she’ll work fine like this. She’s certainly worth trying out.