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Jake Thornton posts up scale pictures of Mantic's Mars Attacks miniatures

Quirkworthy, game designer Jake Thornton's blog, posted up some photos showing off the scale of Mantic's Mars Attacks miniatures vs. other popular brands.


From the post:

I’ve seen a few people asking how big/bulky/etc the Mars Attacks models are, and having managed to scrounge up a couple yesterday I thought I’d do a few comparison shots for your amusement.

The MA models look like they’re made of frozen milk because they’re 3D prints and that may be what they’re actually made from. Whatever it is, it’s translucent and very hard to pick out details, but that’s not why we’re here. There are lovely photos of the nicely painted models all over the Kickstarter, Mantic’s blog and so on. This is all about size.